We provide custom responsive websites, digital marketing, web design, and development services for small businesses.

Our sites are carefully crafted to look great, while achieving your specific marketing goals, with built-in analytics that help identify opportunities for continued growth. We take the time to analyze your industry, identify key competitors in your market, and tailor a custom website to suit your organizations specific marketing needs.

We believe a custom-designed website is essential to effective marketing, and we’ll help you determine what features suit your goals and budget. In addition, all of our sites are built to attract attention from popular search engines, and are easily updated and maintained by even non-technical members of your team.

Digital marketing services

After your site is launched, the Idea Design Group offers ongoing digital marketing services to help your business grow.

Whether you’re looking for an effective email marketing campaign, help with a Google AdWords campaign or extensive search engine optimization (SEO), our team can help ensure a steady stream of traffic to your site. In addition, our team of experienced developers is available to maintain your site, fix any problems that may arise and make sure that your time is focused on your business and not your website.

Web Design

Effective web design attracts and informs your visitors, communicates your message, promotes your brand, and achieves measurable goals.

Unsure if your website’s design is on target – Our team will review your websites as well as existing digital and print campaigns, collateral, and other materials. We’ll then provide thoughtful, objective feedback to unify and fortify your brand across all marketing channels, including your website. Finally, we’ll lay out a suggested course of action to update your web presence to correspond to all of your marketing materials and business goals. Our team has experience working with many popular web platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Square Space. We also maintain existing  HTML and PHP websites, built with CSS.

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Web Development

Web Development

Web development, at it’s core is information architecture. Pieces of information about your business are arranged in an attractive and intuitive way to invite visitors in and explore. Buildings have essential pieces like doors, windows and roofs just like Websites have essential pieces like home pages, navigation and images. The style applied to these pieces are what make the structures unique.

At Idea Design Group, we create websites with an architecture that fits your needs and allows you to easily expand as your business grows. The style applied to the architecture is what will make your website stand out in a crowded marketplace. The easy navigation on all devices, is what will keep people coming back to your website. Turning visitors into customers is what a well designed website can do for you.



Branding is more than just your logo. Your company’s brand is it’s identity, not only in name, but in style and perception. How people perceive your company is part of your brand. The amount you can control and guide that perception directly relates to the strength of your brand. Whether you want to be seen as a bold, fresh company that pushes the envelope or a solid, steady company that can be deliver consistent quality, you need to find a voice and identity that fits the needs and desires of your target audience.

Idea Design Group will work with you to define and refine your message to the world. Industry research and scouting the competition will set the foundation for finding and highlighting your strengths and values. Researching consumer trends in your market will give us insight into what audiences you should be targeting.

Developing a consistent style, both visually and verbally, is important to building your brand equity. Inconsistencies can muddy the waters and lessen the impact of your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing are, very basically, two different ways of getting found on Google. While the goal of getting clicks is the same, the methods and strategies are often very different, and usually complimentary. We can help your website visibility, and increase the quality of your website.Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of website marketing. People who are looking for what you provide need to be able to find you quickly and easily. Idea Design Group will research keyword phrases that will increase the volume and quality of your website traffic.

Some of the website SEO metrics we will evaluate on your current website include:

  • Page Title Optimization
  • Page Load Speed
  • Localization
  • Inbound Links

There are many more aspects to a comprehensive SEO checkup. Seeing how much work needs to be done to optimize your website will help you prioritize and stay within your budget.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

From list building to email marketing to data optimization to custom template development, let Idea Design Group do the heavy lifting. We will design, test, schedule, launch and monitor your complete email marketing efforts from start to finish. We know all major email marketing providers and can easily set up and run your email campaigns for you. Conversely, if you have a more sophisticated and intricate identity in mind, we’re available for full branding consultation services for more details and a project estimate contact us.

Targeted list building – Idea Design Group data experts can help identify your most profitable customers, and find new prospects like them. This level of segmentation helps you ensure your marketing is focused on your very best prospects. Put the world’s biggest business database to work for you. Our actionable B2B marketing data is continually scored and updated to help make sure you reach the best customers for your business.

A/B testing – We will set up creative tests, time-of-day and location-specific email tests. With a closer look at email stats, we will help you choose the best strategy on how and when to deploy your email marketing efforts.